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Colostrum Challenge: Choline vs. Seasonal Drop

November 21, 2022 Research Updates
By late October, many dairy operations experience a decline in colostrum supply, which is critical to the health of newborn calves as their primary source of passive immunity. This seasonal decline varies greatly by farm, by cow, and by other factors, but correlates with lessening daylight. Shorter days, less colostrum.
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Cow Data That Keeps Coming

October 12, 2022 Research Updates
Cows themselves can inform diet formulation on an ongoing basis. One result is rethinking crude protein as a metric for diet formulation, says Cornell's Dr. Mike Van Amburgh.
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CNCPS v7: Attention to AA & protozoa

October 11, 2022 Research Updates
The current commercially licensed versions of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS v6.5.5 ), refined over more than 30 years, are key to optimal diets used by dairy nutritionists and ration formulators worldwide for millions of cows worldwide.
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Commodity Blenders to Build New Feed Mill in Warren

April 21, 2021 Blog
Commodity Blenders is committed to providing personal customer service for livestock farmers with the capacity needed to ensure farmers get the feed they need, when they need it. Located in Ashland, Ohio, Jonesville, Michigan and Warren, Indiana.
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Focus on Fats

July 07, 2017 Blog
Tallow fat, oils, palm fats, calcium salts, oil seeds - not all fats are the same, where does your fat come from?
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