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Jonesville, Michigan

We are proud to introduce our new facility in Jonesville, Michigan. With decades of experience providing feed to farmers across the Midwest from our Ohio location, we look forward to expanding our capacity to meet the needs of livestock farmers in Michigan.

Growing with You

From our Jonesville location, we have the flexibility and opportunity to build this facility to match what farmers demand in terms of quantity and quality feed. Contact us today to share your needs with us.


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michigan commodity blender


 One Feed Does Not Fit All


As an independent feed mill, we have the ability to work within your feed ratio and budget to create a unique feed blend for your operation. Whether it's to feed dairy, poultry, or swine, you can get it mixed here. 

Learn about different feed blends per species and how you can receive commodities delivered directly to your farm. 

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Find a Nutritionist

We work with experienced nutritionists who specialize in dairy, swine, and/or poultry feed. If you’re looking for a nutritionist, consult our list to make a connection. 




Commodity Blenders Main
10510 Myers Rd
West Salem, Ohio,  44287
Phone: (419)846-3155

Michigan Facility
3611 W. Chicago Rd.
Jonesville, MI 49250
Phone: (517)797-4553

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