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Feeding the Future: CBL's Warren Facility Brings Innovation to Midwest Farms

October 13, 2023
Commodity Blenders LLC has opened a state-of-the-art feed manufacturing facility in Warren, Indiana. Learn more about its differentiators and technological features that benefit area farmers. 
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Fly Control: Prepping Now Pays Back

April 11, 2023
Higher seasonal temps... variable weather... greater parasitic and nuisance fly pressure on cows and calves. Fly losses can be significant. But today's "precision dairy technologies" monitor cow behavior to provide new insights. New Mexico State's Dr. Ulises Sanchez says a dairy's fly control program must be dynamic, including feed-through strategies.
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Commodity Blenders to Build New Feed Mill in Warren

April 21, 2021
Commodity Blenders is committed to providing personal customer service for livestock farmers with the capacity needed to ensure farmers get the feed they need, when they need it. Located in Ashland, Ohio, Jonesville, Michigan and Warren, Indiana.
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Focus on Fats

July 07, 2017
Tallow fat, oils, palm fats, calcium salts, oil seeds - not all fats are the same, where does your fat come from?
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Main Office & Mill Facility
10510 Myers Rd
West Salem, Oh 44287
Phone: (419) 846-3155

Mill Facility
3611 W. Chicago Rd
Jonesville, MI 49250
Phone: (517) 797-4553

Manufacturing Facility

10643 S. Hartford City Rd
Warren, IN 46792
Phone: (260) 375-3202

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