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Feeding the Future: CBL's Warren Facility Brings Innovation to Midwest Farms

October 13, 2023 Blog

Commodity Blenders, LLC (CBL) is pleased to be serving even more farms across the Midwest through our new, state-of-the-art feed manufacturing facility in Warren, Indiana.

Just like our other facilities across the Midwest, the Warren facility’s mission is “To provide quality custom blending services to meet your needs efficiently and consistently, the first time, and every time. We follow your formulas, timeline, and budget to manufacture quality products that meet your technical specs, cost targets, and performance objectives.”


Warren, Indiana Manufacturing Facility Differentiators:

      • State-of-the-art automation system, including 36-bin stainless-steel micro proportioning system, a 6-ton batch mixer and a bagging line, as well as handling, warehouse, and storage capacity for a range of bagged, mini-bulk, and bulk ingredients

      • More than 730,000 bushels of corn storage, multiple truck scales, receiving pits, and loadout bays

      • Manufactures roughly 60 tons of feed per hour, from custom ingredient blends to finished feed products

      • Grinds about 50 tons of corn per hour  with two triple-stack RMS roller mills, running 10-12 hours per day at least five days a week

      • Twelve load-out bins, each rated for 30 tons

      • Four bagging bins, each rated at 40 tons and equipped with pneumatic slide gates to quickly and efficiently load out ingredients for batch mixing

 In other words, we produce tons (literally) of custom feed in a short amount of time.


CBL’s Automation Advantages for Indiana Farmers

The Warren facility uses Easy Automation’s NexGen® software to automate our feed production processes, which gives our operators instant access to visualizations of the workflow. It also allows us to run a lean operation. 

On any given day, it takes just three employees to operate the mill: a batch operator, a receiving and load-out operator, and a warehouse overseer. 

This translates into unsurpassed accuracy, high quality, and system efficiency for our customers, who benefit directly from cost savings.

It also means a reduced risk of cross contamination, which is critical when processing different orders for producers who have a variety of needs. Correct sequencing of batches and flushing out the hopper between different species’ feed helps the crew avoid cross contamination.

Precision, efficiency, and cost savings are all important to CBL and the customers we serve. But above all of that, we are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service. 

Relationships with our customers matter. The staff and leadership at CBL are committed to building and nurturing those bonds, beyond just a farmer’s feed needs.

One of the ways we build relationships is to keep our customers informed about updates and advancements that matter to producers and nutritionists.


Join the CBL Insider Community

We invite you to subscribe to FeedInsight 4U, an exclusive newsletter for Midwestern farmers and nutritionists. FeedInsight 4U delivers original, non-commercial insights to scientific advancements and other key topics in dairy nutrition research and application via CBL’s unique “micro-extension” service.

A quick read that delivers insights into important, neglected, or emerging issues that affect nutrition for your dairy animals, FeedInsight 4U also features additional links to university experts for those who want to take a deeper dive into research. 

If you’d like to read a sample, here’s the January 2023 issue of FeedInsight 4U. To receive ongoing, exclusive information sent to your inbox every month, you can subscribe to FeedInsight 4U by going here.  

And finally, if you’d like to visit our Warren facility to see how our custom-blend feed can benefit your bottom line,  schedule a call with one of our representatives. We’d enjoy connecting with you and learning more about your feed needs. 

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