Floor-Stock Products

  • CBI 14% Grower, Non Medicated
  • CBI 18% Calf Starter, RU
  • CBI 22% Calf Starter, RU
  • CBI 38% Dairy, Non Medicated
  • CBI 38% Heifer Pellets, RU
  • CBI Dairy Mineral 2.5:1
  • CBI Dry Cow Mineral
  • CBI Heifer Mineral 1400, RU
  • Golden Link DFM-Pak
  • Cattle Wormer with Safeguard
  • Lira Gold Products
  • Milk Replacer Excel 28:25 (with Clarifly in-season)
  • Milk Replacer 22:20 (with Clarifly in-season)
  • Clarifly for Milk Replacer
  • Secure 175 (Colostrum Replacer)
  • NT 10gr Milk Replacer Additive
  • Primetime Steer Show Feed 12.5%

Custom Feeds

Commodity Blenders offers customized blending services specific to the needs of your dairy operation. We remain dedicated to optimizing your herd production with the use of high-quality feed ingredients that are never least cost formulated. We are furthermore committed to being the low-cost marketer of animal feed in our service area to give you the best opportunity possible in maximizing your profitability.